We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about getting your contract reviewed. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get my contract reviewed?

In most cases, we can do a contract review within 24 hours of being engaged. But, sometimes how quickly we can complete the review depends on the length of the contract, its complexity, the question or concerns about it, and our schedule.

How much do your contract reviews cost?

Contract reviews start at a flat fee of $250. The flat fee includes the review of one (1) contract, review of the client’s questions or concerns about the contract, the attorney's preparation time for the meeting about the contract, and the meeting. The flat fee amount may be adjusted based on length or complexity of the contract or the client’s questions or concerns about the contract. Adjusted rates will be agreed to in writing as part of the engagement and before any work is performed.

Do you review contracts before they are signed?

Yes. In fact, having a contract reviewed before you sign it is the best time to have it reviewed. You should want to know what you are signing and feel comfortable with it before you sign it. Idaho law strongly encourages knowing what you sign before you sign it: ““A written contract is the highest evidence of the terms of the agreement between the parties, and every contracting party must learn and know the contents of the writing before he signs and delivers it.” Constantine v. McDonald, 25 Idaho 342, 343, 137 P. 531, 531 (1913).

Do you review contracts after they are signed?

Yes. Often times questions or concerns about contracts do not come to light until after they are signed because it is hard to think of all situations or scenarios that arises after signing that might give rise to questions or concerns about a contract. Having a contract reviewed in light of situations or scenarios that arise after signing can be helpful for identifying rights and obligations under the contract. It can also be helpful in guiding you through situations or scenarios in light of rights and obligations in the contract.

Can you get me out of my contract?

Possibly. There are many ways to deal with contracts that are no longer workable for one reason or another. A contract review is the first step in determining whether there is a way out of a contract, or a way to modify the contract to best fit the situation at hand.

Can I get out of a contract if I signed it but did not read it?

Very unlikely. Idaho law states that “Ignorance of terms of failure to read contract afford no grounds to avoid it.” Milner v. Earl Fruit Co., 40 Idaho 339, 341, 232 P. 581, 582 (1925). But, there may be other ways to get out of a contract, or to amend its terms.