Ignorance is expensive. Uncertainty causes anxiety. The solution is easy!

Too often people simply hope for the best when they are unclear about what’s in a contract somebody wants them to sign. Unfortunately, more than half of all civil litigation in the U.S. stems from contract disputes. By having our Boise based attorneys review your contract you will not only reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit, but you will be in a better position to perform the contract, reduce risks and probably negotiate more favorable terms. Even if you have an already-existing contract of any kind, our Jones & Swartz PLLC Landmark Legal Group attorneys can help you understand your contractual rights and obligations. Idaho Contract Review has taken the guesswork out of the uncertainty of legal fees by providing a simple and affordable flat-fee rate with a real Idaho attorney.




•    Real Estate Contracts
•    Lease Agreements
•    Employment Contracts
•    Partnership Agreements 
•    Severance Agreements
•    Loan Agreements
•    Business Agreements
•    Covenant not to Compete Agreements
•    Trade Secret Agreements
•    Non-disclosure Agreements
•    Confidentiality Agreements
•    Sales Contracts
•    Purchase Orders
•    Franchise Agreements
•    Purchase Agreements
•    Letters of Intent
•    International Contracts
•    Outsourcing Agreements
•    Service Agreements

•    Memorandums of Understanding

•    Business Acquisition Agreements or Asset Purchase Agreements
•    Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of corporations
•    Operating Agreements for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
•    Entertainment Agreements and Record Deals
•    Distribution Agreements
•    Exclusive Contracts
•    Representative Agreements
•    Supply Agreements
•    Construction Contracts
•    Licensing Contracts or Licensing Agreements
•    Technology Licensing
•    Click Wrap (“EULA”) Licenses
•    Music Licensing Agreements
•    Settlement and Release Agreements
•    Agency Agreements
•    Consulting Agreements
•    Marketing or Advertising Agreements
•    Security Agreements

•    ...and Many More

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